Serving the Greater Denver Area: Highlands Ranch to Fort Collins and everywhere in-between!

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Maids Who Care

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Serving the Greater Denver Area: Highlands Ranch to Fort Collins and everywhere in-between!

Maids Who Care

It's somewhat cliche' to claim that we're a "different kind of cleaning company"
With so many competitors in the house cleaning world it was vital for Castle Fresh to find a way to really stand out from the crowd. We experimented with changes to our pricing model, our checklists and even the tools we equip or crews with. But when it came down to clearly defining something that sets us apart we realized it was already there, we just hadn't noticed it.

We believe in treating our employees right
When a candidate comes in for an interview we always hear a horror story. And from our humble beginnings in 2012 we've made a point to notate the things our employees hated about their last employer and resolved to provide not just a better experience, but a great experience working with Castle Fresh.

We believe in respecting our employees time
We are THE ONLY house cleaning company in the state that boasts paying for drive time  AND paying fuel reimbursement on top that. We're the only Denver cleaning company that doesn't require our employees to come to the office each day before work and return again after the day is done. When we ask a team member to come into the office they clock in upon arrival so they are paid for meetings, training, orientation, etc..

We believe humans sometimes make mistakes
If a client complains, we send the employee back to correct the issue at no cost to the client and we PAY OUR EMPLOYEE FOR THAT TIME. If an employee accidentally damages something in a client's home, we cover the cost. Our employees never see a "docked" paycheck, so they are never afraid to admit to failing. We believe seeing and acknowledging our mistakes helps us to learn from them.

We believe it is in our failures that we are able to learn and grow
Our employees aren't afraid to fail, they aren't afraid to tell the truth, they know that they are respected, never berated or shamed and they make very good money working here. Because of all this, our employees truly and actually care about you, they care about your service and they want to do the best job possible.

Want to know the Castle Fresh difference? We are Maids Who Care.

What Our Clients are Saying

It was better than expected! She really got into all of the nooks and crannies. My fridge has never been cleaner! They are very good at this and the price is good. I was very impressed. I will hire them again and I would recommend them to anyone.

Michael Howard

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