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Serving the Greater Denver Area: Highlands Ranch to Fort Collins and everywhere in-between!

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Maids Who Care

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Serving the Greater Denver Area: Highlands Ranch to Fort Collins and everywhere in-between!

Maids Who Care

It's somewhat cliche' to claim that we're a "different kind of cleaning company"
With so many competitors in the house cleaning world it was vital for Castle Fresh to find a way to really stand out from the crowd. We experimented with changes to our pricing model, our checklists and even the tools we equip or crews with. But when it came down to clearly defining something that sets us apart we realized it was already there, we just hadn't noticed it.

We make 1 hire for every 100 applications we receive.
It seems we're the pickiest house cleaning company in Colorado. We receive over 100 applications every month from people who sincerely want to join our family. Unfortunately, after conducting first and second interviews, background checks, and trial workplace observations only 1 in 100 applicants make the cut.

Employees get the flexibility and pay they need to Thrive.
Once we've found our diamond in the rough we do everything we can to make this the greatest place they've ever worked. Our employees can take off whenever they want for as long as they want with 2 weeks advanced notice. We always have holidays off. We're the only company offering a Thriving Wage™ including starting wages of $15/hr, paid drive time between houses, fuel reimbursement and even more.

Employees know they are appreciated and respected.
We have a special way of working with our people that defys easy description. The relationships we have with our employees are about understanding and respecting each other's boundaries and expectations. We don't make demands of our people. We share a mutual respect with employees which means reasonable requests are honored and things get done.

That's the formula for Maids Who Care
Our people know that we're the pickiest, highest paying, most emotionally stable company. They're impressed by our maturity, patience, kindness and respect (and we never even mentioned how darn organized we are...). Employees know our expectations and want to stay with us, that's why they care and it's why we have the most long term professionals in the business. It's really that simple. 

Shiniest Showers. Smartest Maids. Wisest choice.

What Our Clients are Saying

It was better than expected! She really got into all of the nooks and crannies. My fridge has never been cleaner! They are very good at this and the price is good. I was very impressed. I will hire them again and I would recommend them to anyone.

Michael Howard

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