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Serving the Greater Denver Area: Highlands Ranch to Fort Collins and everywhere in-between!

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Serving the Greater Denver Area: Highlands Ranch to Fort Collins and everywhere in-between!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your cleaners insured and bonded?
Yes. We also carry unemployment insurance, workman’s comp and pay our taxes!

Do you bring your own supplies?
Yes. We bring a vacuum, bucket, broom, mop, cleaning towels, and solutions including all purpose cleaner, degreaser, comet, toilet cleaner and magic erasers. If you have a specific cleaning product you’d like, simply leave it out and we’ll use it for you. NOTE: For the health and safety of our employees and clients we no longer carry toilet brushes. Please be sure to have a toilet brush placed beside each toilet you want cleaned.

Can you use green products?
Yes. if you’d like we can use only water, alcohol and vinegar in your home. If you’d prefer other green products be used you are welcome to provide them.

Do I have to be there for my service?
No. However, we do recommend you be there for your first service to give the crew a brief walk through. After that there is no need to be there.

Can your crew access my home if I’m not there?
Yes: You are welcome to provide an access code, leave a hidden key, or leave the door unlocked. We can provide a lockbox if you’d like to use one.

What should I do to get ready for my cleaning?
We recommend you tidy and organize prior to our arrival. We are happy to tidy for you, but do be advised that tidying will incur added time and costs. Be sure to let us know if you need tidying/organizational help so we can plan your service accordingly. If you want your oven clean, please be sure to remove the racks and run the self cleaning cycle. We recommend you squeegee any glass shower doors after each use. We also recommend you maintain your home between cleanings by cleaning up spills, food, urine, feces, vomit and blood immediately (including in the toilet).  It’s also advisable to have a step stool and extension dusting equipment on hand as well as any stainless steel cleaning products you’d like us to use. For the health and safety of our employees and clients we do not supply toilet brushes. Be sure to have a toilet brush placed beside each toilet.

Can I choose a time for my service?
We are happy to note your preference, but cannot guarantee a specific time for your service.

What time will your team arrive for the cleaning?
You will receive a reminder email the day prior to your service with your 1 hour arrival window.

Will you always send the same person?
We are happy to note your preferred team member, but cannot guarantee you will always get the same person. We do guarantee your satisfaction no matter who we send.

For my routine services, will you always come on the same day of the week?

Do you charge by the hour, or by the job?
Every job is scheduled for a specific amount of blocked time. If more time is needed to complete your service than was blocked, there will be added costs.

Is my estimate the final price?
Though we are good at estimating how much time a cleaning will take, cleaning is not an exact science and we will sometimes need more time at an added cost to complete your project. The price we give you upon booking over the phone, online or in person is always an estimate.

Why did you need more time to finish my cleaning?
Cleanings are generally booked over the phone or online - site unseen. Your service is booked with the expectation that you will need a single treatment on any area to be cleaned. If a lack of maintenance exists 2nd, 3rd or 4th treatments will be needed which increases the time and therefore the cost.

What if I’m not happy with my cleaning?
Call us immediately and we will send someone back at no extra charge to redo anything you are unhappy with. However, if we had recommended more time which you declined we cannot guarantee your satisfaction and will not return for free.

I’d like to pay less, can you block less time for me?
Yes, but we cannot guarantee everything will get done. Call us to discuss 720-446-6328

What cleaning product do you use on wood floors?
We recommend only water be used on hardwood floors. We know there is a lot of division over this. Some sources recommend bona, vinegar, Murphy’s oil or fairy spit but our recommendation stands. Call for more information 720-446-6328

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept cash or checks.

How can it be that you guys are this GOOD?!?
Aww shucks… what can we say? We simply care more and try harder than your average cleaning company. :)

What Our Clients are Saying

Best house cleaners available in the Arvada area, hands down. They work hard and are very detailed. If I had any complaints it would only be that they were hard to find on the internet. Otherwise, I've done my rounds with the different cleaning companies around town and these guys just have it figured out. Highly Recommended!

Melissa Brown

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